Cranberry Orange Holiday Muffins

buy cheap Pregabalin Muffins are the perfect grab-and-go, palm snack. Look, sometimes you need a hug, and if there’s no human or pupper nearby, a muffin can do the job. These orange and cranberry holiday muffins are a fluffy, fruity, slightly sweet hug to go. Enjoy!

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Soft Boiled Eggs Breakfast of Champions

buy provigil online europe Occasionally I go through periods of time…we’ll call them phases…where I need to remember what’s truly important to me. It can be very easy for me to let things like my own expectations of myself, my contrived idea of what it is that I “should” be doing in life, my self-judgement get in the way of what’s actually real and right in front of me.

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Banana Muffins

Last week I had the privilege of teaching a kids cooking class to the girls at The Settlement Home, a children’s agency in Austin. The Settlement Home’s mission is to promote healing and growth by providing a continuum of care, support, and resources. These classes are the most fulfilling work I’m doing right now.

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Chard and Mushroom Frittata Family Style

When big things change in my life I usually look for comfort foods. For me, eggs for dinner is a comfort food. It gives me warm memories of being 5, watching movies on the living room floor with my Disney Princess TV tray and a plate full of scrambled on my lap. My upcoming changes required something similarly warm and fuzzy, but a little more grown up. These changes required a Chard and Mushroom Frittata.

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