Haley’s Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yüksekova Last weekend I had the opportunity to be of service at the Episcopal Student Center on the UT campus. We made dinner for the students and I used this as an excuse to do one of my favorite activities:  BAKE COOKIES!

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Quick Fruit and Nut Sticky Buns

buy Ivermectin online in u.k It’s Christmas Eve?! Wait….WHAT? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! If you have a house full of people or you still have a night of gift assembly and wrapping ahead of you, you’re going to need something easy for breakfast tomorrow.

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How To Cater Your Own Party

So you’ve decided to cater your own holiday party….this is about the time panic starts to set in. You may be experiencing tunnel vision and having flashes of yourself trapped in the kitchen rolling out pastries, whisking gravies, roasting things, and sweating…profusely…while your guests stand around  quietly staring at you. Relax! Step away from the ledge! Take some deep breaths into a paper bag!  You can do this. I believe in you and I’m here to help, friend.

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Turnip and Pomegranate Winter Salad

I’m often asked how to use the turnips and radishes in CSA boxes. It seems these little guys have developed a bad reputation from the old days when varieties often had so much bite that they had an almost unbearable bitter taste.

Friends, I’m here to tell you these hardy root vegetables have changed their ways! They are packed with nutrition and, when harvested at the appropriate time, have delicious, sweet and slightly spicy flavors that can be complimented very well with the right accompanying harmony of flavors. Continue reading Turnip and Pomegranate Winter Salad