Soups & Stews

Knuckle Head Pumpkin Soup

Primero de Enero Last week I decided to take advantage of the pre-Halloween pumpkin swarm that appears at all of our local grocery stores. I picked up five pumpkins (pictured below) and I’m glad that I did because it seemed like no trace that the pumpkin bounty ever existed was left after Halloween. It’s already been replaced with Christmas decorations. Continue reading Knuckle Head Pumpkin Soup

Mostly Vegetarian Chili

Degrees of Vegetarianism My sister came over to visit today. My sister is “mostly vegetarian.” This gave me an opportunity to revamp my old recipe for Slightly Vegetarian Chili.

Gérakas Here’s the thing. You, my life choice making, adult friends, are completely capable of choosing the foods and beverages you put into your body. For my sister (and formerly myself) vegetarianism was a choice we made for health reasons. I chose not to eat meat because my body felt better.

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