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Tips, tricks and culinary know-how for home cooks, entertainers and gourmets.

Host a Cooking Class in Your Home

properly Register for a cooking class with Chef Haley! Classes are held in your home kitchen with a max of 8 adult students, 5 students 10 years or older, or 3 children under 10.

order Pregabalin online The menu and lesson plan is predetermined and any food allergies or aversions will be discussed in advance to accommodate. Groceries are included in the cost of the class and supplied by Chef Haley. Special utensils and equipment needed for the lesson will also be supplied by Chef Haley.

Chef Haley is professionally trained in Culinary Arts with a focus on French Cuisine. Her classes are formatted with a combination of demonstration and interactivity, so expect to learn some hands on tips and tricks, do some real cooking and have a lot of fun!

Cooking Classes – Lesson Options

The Basics – Knives, Heat and Taste

Learn the basics of French cuisine, proper use and maintenance of a chef’s knife, how the application of heat affects the food we eat, and techniques for tasting and seasoning your food to perfection.

Cooking for Allergies

Learn techniques for cooking for common food allergies. According to the Mayo Clinic the top eight food allergies are milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat (gluten). We will focus on accommodating the most common staples of our diets: milk, eggs, and wheat (gluten). Plus, learn to use appropriate salt and sodium levels while still creating flavorful dishes.

Make Your Own Pasta

Learn the basic pasta dough recipe as well as variations and techniques to experiment with your pasta and simple sauces to pair with your homemade pasta.

Cooking With Your Kids

Just about everyone can help out in the kitchen in some way. Do you struggle with getting your kids to eat their food? Getting kids involved in the process of cooking not only gives them a sense of pride and ownership of the food they eat, but also teaches them life long skills on how to care for themselves and others through food.

Class Prices

Classes begin at $35.00 per person.

Special pricing will apply for specific classes depending upon the menu and number of students.

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