Culinary Building Blocks

To Be A Chef…

buy nuvigil and provigil I add the finishing garnish to my client’s cranberry and orange glazed chicken thighs. A mountain of dirty dishes leers at me from the sink — the second mountain for this personal chef client, fourth mountain for the day — when her adorable, trumpet-toting middle schooler saunters into the palatial kitchen from the equally palacial three-car garage. 

Woking “I’ve decided I want to be a chef,” they proclaim, plopping onto a seat at the island, their bags and instrument clattering to the counter.

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The Great Cake Experiment Part 1 – The Perfect White Cake

I am not a baker, y’all, so when a regular Kids Cooking Class client called to explain her son is turning 12 and wants to host a cake baking class, fight or flight set in and I froze in terror. My eyes widened, and my heart sank to my stomach as a vision of a cake baking chaos with 12-year-olds in tow flashed into my mind. Then I thought, “What would Julia Child do?” She would put on her big girl panties and get to baking. That’s what!

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Beef Chili for Fall, Winter, or Spring

Friday brought a sudden cold snap to Austin, TX. After weeks of high temperatures in the 80s, I was met with a burst of 40 degree wind when I let the dogs out Friday morning. Our shiba inu/princess, Sadie, decided not to stay outside for long. Cold temps might be a bit disappointing to a warm lover like me, but it does give me a great reason to make beef chili again!

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Spicy Garlic Scape Gazpacho

Sometimes the contents of a CSA box can be something of a mystery. It’s understandable, a CSA box gives you access to a world of produce you might never see at a regular grocery store. To me it’s really exciting to find a new mystery food, but hey I’m a food nerd. I understand it can be a little intimidating. I’m here to help.

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