Soft Boiled Eggs Breakfast of Champions

http://lovegodlovelife.org.uk/page/56/ Occasionally I go through periods of time…we’ll call them phases…where I need to remember what’s truly important to me. It can be very easy for me to let things like my own expectations of myself, my contrived idea of what it is that I “should” be doing in life, my self-judgement get in the way of what’s actually real and right in front of me.

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Redemption Song

buy Lyrica 150 mg As I drove my son to school this morning, the first thing we heard on the radio was Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. I found it very poignant and emotional following the two police shootings of African American citizens this week. I hadn’t yet heard about the brutal attack on police officers in Dallas that occurred as we slept last night.

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Banana Muffins

Last week I had the privilege of teaching a kids cooking class to the girls at The Settlement Home, a children’s agency in Austin. The Settlement Home’s mission is to promote healing and growth by providing a continuum of care, support, and resources. These classes are the most fulfilling work I’m doing right now.

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Food: Our Human Connection

In the wake of this week’s mass shooting in Orlando, FL, I struggle to decide what to write. Do I write about banana muffins and focus on the perfectly happy, bright, and sunny world of food that we food bloggers tend to gravitate toward during this time when I, and many others, feel far from happy?

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Feed Your Fellows, Be Fed with Homemade Pasta

Yesterday, I met a fellow Austin food writer at church. While I dabble in writing by basically subjecting you all to my inner thoughts and emotions, she’s a real freelance food writer, y’all.  Meaning she pitches story ideas to various media outlets around town and has editors backing her up.

We got to talking about why we cook rather than just dine out all of the time. Naturally, this topic of conversation struck a chord with me and I’ve been thinking about it for 24 hours now. I thought, perhaps I should write this down to share with my fellow cooks (and so my mind stops racing). Continue reading Feed Your Fellows, Be Fed with Homemade Pasta