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Products Policy

Product Reviews, Recommendations, and Giveaways Y’all know product reviews and giveaways are part of the food blog-o-sphere. I believe that when done right, they offer you all a better reading, learning, and cooking experience. I aim to keep my product reviews and recommendations as unbiased as possible, and I want to make sure we’re square on a few things. Please take a look at my bylaws:

  1. I review products that fit within my “food is love” Cook With Haley theme.
  2. If a product was given to me as a sample I mention that the first time I use it in a recipe or review it. I will always aim to mention that it was given to me the first time I use it, but I may not do this the second, third, or fourth times. Since y’all know I hate food waste, you know I will use the product up. If you’re here I figure you’re a regular and will be able to recall the first time.
  3. I absolutely will not write a positive review about a product just because it was given to me for free or as a sample.  My reviews are my own opinion, and if I feel a product is insufficient I will explain that and the reasoning behind it. It’s up to you to make your own choice on whether to buy something.
  4. I do not accept payment to write a positive review about a product. If I like something, I like it. If I do not like something I will be honest about it.
  5. I believe in maintaining the integrity of my blog and my writing. I will never compromise my beliefs and standards for the sake of a payment.

Any product  you see on this blog may have been given to me as a free sample. Keep that in mind as you enjoy reading and cooking with me. Please email me with any questions about any of the products you see on

Dear Companies, Marketers, and PR-types

If you wish to send me a product, I may or may not accept it and I may or may not write about it on I trust you will understand that this is a personal blog and I do not allow others to influence the content that is published here.

purchase generic isotretinoin I do not accept products or payment in exchange for a positive review or placement.

My reviews are my honest opinion which are intended to enrich the experience of my readers and followers.