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Food: Our Human Connection

In the wake of this week’s mass shooting in Orlando, FL, I struggle to decide what to write. Do I write about banana muffins and focus on the perfectly happy, bright, and sunny world of food that we food bloggers tend to gravitate toward during this time when I, and many others, feel far from happy?

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Kid Friendly Pizza Rolls

If you are regular reader of this blog you know that I am not above taking a little help from the grocery store at times. Kid friendly recipes are the perfect time to keep things simple and take advantage of pre-made items you can get from the store. These two Kid Friendly Pizza Roll recipes are one of my favorites that littles can help with as well.

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Beef Chili for Fall, Winter, or Spring

Friday brought a sudden cold snap to Austin, TX. After weeks of high temperatures in the 80s, I was met with a burst of 40 degree wind when I let the dogs out Friday morning. Our shiba inu/princess, Sadie, decided not to stay outside for long. Cold temps might be a bit disappointing to a warm lover like me, but it does give me a great reason to make beef chili again!

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Earthy Indian Kale Casserole

This Winter is proving to be something of a bust here in Austin. I saw a post of a picture of a bluebonnet already blooming out on Facebook yesterday and we’re only half way through February!!

Hey I’m not complaining. I love the warm weather and I’m totally fine with having a hot Summer. That just means an extra long harvest season and more time out on the lake. What’s not to love about Texas? (I won’t mention the scorpions, diamond backs, and coral snakes in this post.)

While I may be sitting at a balmy 75 degree high on this day after Valentine’s Day, our friends in the North are suffering one of their most brutal Winters. I’ve concocted this healthy, hearty, body warming Earthy Indian Kale Casserole as a tribute to my friends above Dallas, but you will definitely enjoy this dinner no matter where you live!

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