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Knuckle Head Pumpkin Soup

http://trisom.com//gank.php.PhP Last week I decided to take advantage of the pre-Halloween pumpkin swarm that appears at all of our local grocery stores. I picked up five pumpkins (pictured below) and I’m glad that I did because it seemed like no trace that the pumpkin bounty ever existed was left after Halloween. It’s already been replaced with Christmas decorations. Continue reading Knuckle Head Pumpkin Soup

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, A.K.A. Pepitas

Rhyl It’s November. Pumpkins are everywhere. Let’s say you’ve dispatched all of your pumpkins of their seeds and maybe you have no idea what to do with them so you have begun collecting seeds. So much so that your friends may be planning to call some pumpkin seed hoarding TV special to stage an intervention.

Don’t allow this to happen, friends. Don’t let them take your pumpkin seeds!! Continue reading Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, A.K.A. Pepitas

How to Roast a Pumpkin or Gourd

Pumpkins, gourds and squash pack incredible flavor ranging anywhere from deliciously sweet to rich and nutty. The trick is accessing that wonderful pumpkin “meat.”

While we often refer to pumpkins and gourds as vegetables in the culinary world they are, in fact, a fruit because they have seeds in the center protected by a thick layer of flesh and a rind or skin on the outside.  Because they are the plant’s vehicle for spreading seeds, They are, by definition, fruits.

You have a few options Continue reading How to Roast a Pumpkin or Gourd