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The Great Cake Experiment Part 1 – The Perfect White Cake

I am not a baker, y’all, so when a regular Kids Cooking Class client called to explain her son is turning 12 and wants to host a cake baking class, fight or flight set in and I froze in terror. My eyes widened, and my heart sank to my stomach as a vision of a cake baking chaos with 12-year-olds in tow flashed into my mind. Then I thought, “What would Julia Child do?” She would put on her big girl panties and get to baking. That’s what!

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8 Tips for Storing Organic Produce

You signed up for a weekly CSA share and you had every intention of eating all of that beautiful, juicy, organically grown produce each week. Sadly, you’ve found that you just can’t eat it all fast enough and you’re forced to throw out produce that has gone bad, not only wasting money, but also (quite literally) the fruits of someone’s hard labor (a labor of love, btw). Hey, we all get busy, right? Don’t guilt and shame yourself over lost produce! Instead, try these tips for washing and storing your produce to help extend the life of all that deliciousness.
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How to Debone A Chicken

Most of us home cooks buy pre-cut pieces of chicken rather than whole chickens. We think a pack of chicken breasts, thighs, legs or wings can be more affordable. This can be true if you plan to cook several of each piece in a value pack. However, I want to challenge this notion a bit. You can get more for your buck if learn to debone a chicken and use all of the bird to it’s max. The trick is learning the techniques to unlock all of the flavor in the whole chicken.

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How To Cater Your Own Party

So you’ve decided to cater your own holiday party….this is about the time panic starts to set in. You may be experiencing tunnel vision and having flashes of yourself trapped in the kitchen rolling out pastries, whisking gravies, roasting things, and sweating…profusely…while your guests stand around  quietly staring at you. Relax! Step away from the ledge! Take some deep breaths into a paper bag!  You can do this. I believe in you and I’m here to help, friend.

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