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Spicy Summer Caprese Salad

http://canalsideconferencecentre.co.uk/security.php With all of the incredibly fresh and sweet vegetables around during the Summer season, how can you resist a fresh, sweet and spicy twist on the classic caprese salad?

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Mostly Vegetarian Chili

Degrees of Vegetarianism

can i buy modafinil in india My sister came over to visit today. My sister is “mostly┬ávegetarian.” This gave me an opportunity to revamp my old recipe for Slightly Vegetarian Chili.

Here’s the thing. You, my life choice making, adult friends, are completely capable of choosing the foods and beverages you put into your body. For my sister (and formerly myself) vegetarianism was a choice we made for health reasons. I chose not to eat meat because my body felt better.

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